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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Daily routine

These days I have one priority:
Baby A.

Breastfeeding her.
Burping her.
Changing her diaper.
Talking with her and marveling at every gesture :)
Soothing her colic aches.
Trying to get things done at home when she's awake.
Cuddling and kissing her.
Bathing her.
Taking photos of her.

I'm soaking every moment of her and loving it.
But it's tiresome and I feel exhausted.

And I also yearn for my boys to come home from school.

In these days, I always wonder what to do with my hair....
I don't want to cut it but I'm tired of wearing it always the same way: ponytail.....
I just love this girl's braid and look..... beautiful.

Photos: www.pinterest.com

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