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Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Sales have opened.... i love a good bargain and i love shopping.....
But i 've noticed that every year the sales are worse and worse.... those items that we've waited to buy in this season, are nowhere to be seen and there's stacks and stacks of clothes that appear to come from the 70's or from grandma's closet.... Have you noticed?!

However, i do have some suggestions for you:

Zara Double Breasted Fur Coat
Zara Tuxedo Collar Cardigan

Zara Black Pleated Trousers
Zara Blue Pleated Trousers
Zara Black Leggings with elastic foot band

Zara Combined Dotted Swiss Blouse
Zara Blue Polka Dot Top
Zara White T-Shirt with elastic trimming

Mango Grey Pleated Detail Dress
Mango Red Pleated Dress

Mango Twisted Neck Blouse
Mango Flare-leg Jeans

What do you think?

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